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Textures Salon and Spa—Reward yourself with a style all your own.

Textures Salon and Spa is your location for everything that you’ve been missing in a salon.  Located at 4813B North Broadway in Knoxville, Textures Salon and Spa not only provides its clientele with luxurious, individualized style, it also provides them with the tools to keep that hairstyle looking as wonderful and perfect as the day they first received it. 

The unique and unforgettable experience that Textures provides starts with a one-on-one consultation that puts your needs and expectations first.  Styling hair is an art and cutting it is a science and the experienced staff at Textures knows what it take to make you hair work for you.  The stylists at Textures Salon and Spa know that not every client has the exact same hair, face, color, or figure and all of these factors are considered when designing a singularly perfect style.  You can be 100% assured that the friendly, professional staff will create a style that is tailor-made for your face, coloring, needs, and, most of all, expectations.  Do you need a beautiful, elegant style that will turn heads at that formal event?  The staff at Textures can provide you with a haircut guaranteed to complement that evening’s ensemble.  Or do you need a change in style?  One that reflects how you feel inside; one that says I am an individual, I am beautiful, and there is nothing that you can do to change how I feel.  Textures Salon and Spa can help provide just that: a hairstyle all your own.  Not one from a magazine photo, or some celebrity, but one that has been prepared and created just for you.  Your hairstyle doesn’t have to be some cookie-cutter design pulled from a book.  It can be a tailor-made, one-of-a-kind style that cannot be found anywhere else.  Yours is the only one there is; just like a snowflake.  And it’s only at Textures!

And when the hair professionals at Textures have met your every expectation and made sure that your appearance to the world is as beautiful as you feel inside; allow the skilled spa staff to provide you with a day of indulgence.  You work so hard for everyone else; let Textures work just as hard for you.  The spa at Textures provides the highest quality manicures and pedicures so your hands and feet can feel rejuvenated.  Go ahead, your hands and feet need it.  And when you can feel the entire day’s stress grinding at the small of your back and your muscles are complaining louder than anyone else, Textures has a solution for that.  A massage staff is on hand and ready to quiet your aches and pains, melt your stress, and to make sure that the demands of a stressful life stay away for as long as you need them to.  See our menu for full spa and hair services.

Welcome to Textures Salon and Spa.  Where we are as unique as you and where we care as much for you as you do everyone else.  Be pampered, be relaxed, be beautiful at Textures.  With service like no other and skill that cannot be found anywhere else, Textures Salon and Spa is exactly where you deserve to be.

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